The Vital Need For You To Send The Elevator Down In Your Career | Lord Michael Hastings

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This week, we're sharing Global Head of Citizenship at KPMG International, Lord Michael Hastings' advice on why you need to send the elevator back down.

BYP has always been about promoting leadership in our community. Leadership is a multifaceted quality for us to embody, which involves inspiring others, setting examples for people around you, but, it’s also all about how you aim to pull people up with you in terms of advice and opportunities.


Lord Michael Hastings at the BYP Conference talked all about ‘sending the elevator back down’ and why this idea is key for our community. Here were some of the main ideas he presented:


The Importance Of Your Network

Lord Michael Hastings made it to where he reached in his career by tapping into his network. He provided an example of friends helping him secure funding to help him buy equipment for a school he was working at early in his career. He also secured many big opportunities in his career by networking and meeting people, such as Nigel Chapman who he talked to at a conference and later referred him for an opportunity to work at the BBC.

He was blessed to have people on his journey that saw the vision of what he was going for and helped him on his way. He even told a story of the mentor that he had when he was younger and how they still have a strong bond to this day. Seeing what others did for him made him better understand the importance of seeing people’s potential and working with them to foster it.


You’re Never Too Young

You might be in a position right now to advise someone younger than yourself or someone who is up and coming in your field. Never be afraid to mentor them, to refer them to opportunities. Sometimes all we need is someone to give us information.

In Lord Michael Hastings’ journey, he did his best to send the elevator back down as much as he could at all points of his career. In his younger days being at the bottom of the proverbial ladder career wise it made it hard for him to drag people into the same room, but when he was in a position to help someone like him on his journey, he made sure he did.


Don’t Build Walls, Create Doors

Some people in positions of power see life in a way where because they got to where they got to without anyone like them to open doors for them, that they are unable to do the same for others, however that mentality does not change anything in the bigger picture. Sending the elevator down means us breaking down doors to make it easier for the people we are looking to bring up with us, not building walls and perpetuating the same cycles that made it hard for others coming up to succeed.

No one gets to where they need to be alone and many of the answers that others are seeking to advance in their fields might be something that you can directly help them with. Connect, network and be the example that you would like to set for others. This in a nutshell is what leadership is all about.


You can watch Lord Michael Hastings talk here:


Writer: Tonte Bo Douglas

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