Staying Focused On Your New Year Goals | Lildonia Lawrence

This week's BYP Blog is a guest article from Lildonia Lawrence, a life coach, educator and yoga instructor. Lildonia produces monthly content for the BYP Network centred on wellbeing, wellness and healthy living.

2020 is here! The start of a new decade and the ideal time to re-energise and refocus. The
New Year’s resolution has been around since the beginning time and as often as they’ve
been made, they’ve been broken.

Strava, a social networking app for athletes analysed nearly 100 million users’ activities and
found that the third Thursday of January is the day when people are most likely to give up
on their objectives. Avoid falling into the Quitters Day trap with my top tips to stay focused
for the new year.

Make It Specific
I’ve lost count of the times clients have come to me with vague goals that they’re expecting
to smash. Something as indefinable as ‘get healthy’ is almost impossible to work with. By
making goals precise e.g. ‘Increase my deadlift one rep max by 20% by 31st of Dec 2020’
you’ll be able to create actions that align with your overall purpose.
Find Your Why
A solid goal has a why and ascertaining the reason behind your aspirations will give your
journey to success a greater rationale. One of my goals last year was to increase my
earnings. Making money for the for the sake of it wouldn’t have motivated me and so I had
to tap into my ‘why’. I knew that achieving my goal it would lead to a greater level of
security, more access to the things I love and the ability to travel more. By establishing the
‘why’ my target became more purposeful thus making it easier to achieve.
Choose What You Want to Grow
New Year’s resolutions are notoriously focused on giving things up or changing ‘negative’
behaviours. This method of goal setting is punitive and leaves little space for inspiration. I
always advise clients that instead of focusing on what they want to remove from their life,
they should focus on what they want more of. By doing this we can step into an abundance
mindset and watch as our positive manifestations multiply.
Create a Habit
Habits can seem like a chore but the key to mastering any skill is repetition and working
towards a life achievement is no different. They say it takes 21 days to form a habit, but I
believe 3 months is a fantastic time frame to embed a new routine. If you want to write that
book, schedule in twenty minutes daily writing time. If you want to land a new job, schedule
in time during your week for research, CV updating and applications. Whatever your goal is,
a patented routine will help you achieve it.
Make Yourself Accountable
Accountability is everything. It’s easy to fall off track when no-one is watching but having an
audience ups the ante. Choose one or two trusted associates to pair up with and form an
accountability group. Share your goals with one another and organise a quarterly catch up
to check in on progress. The knowledge that others are behind (and keeping an eye) on you
will boost your motivation no end.


Lildonia Lawrence is a life coach, yoga instructor and sex educator working in London. She has a background in psychology and mental health and has spent many years working in the health and wellbeing industries. Her week is spent with a mixture of delivering health workshops, teaching group classes and leading coaching sessions. Alongside this, she works as a wellbeing writer for several publications. You can find out more about her work at @lildonia.lawrence

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